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Geosyn Mining Wallet Tutorial

Our Director of Blockchain, Mark Hopkins aka Dr. Bitcoin, walks you through the Geosyn Mining Client Crypto Wallet. Our goal at Geosyn Mining, is to make Bitcoin mining easily manageable for anyone looking to mine their own Bitcoin to do so. Our business model is easy to understand, and you begin seeing your return on your miners immediately. If you are someone you know is interested in getting into Bitcoin Mining, click the link below and contact us today to help you get started mining your own Bitcoin!

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When will my miner come online?

Once your contract is signed and the account has been funded, we provide a start date. The contracted start date is generally 6 weeks from the day of funding, but your miners may come online sooner.

Warranties and Repairs

New ASIC miners come with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified. The manufacturer’s warranty period starts from the date the ASIC leaves the factory.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

For miners that are not covered under warranty, the client can decide how to proceed. We provide our clients with an incident report and an estimated cost sheet for the repair as outlined below:

  1. A diagnostic will be performed to determine if the issue requires repair or replacement parts.
  2. The Geosyn Team will contact the client for approval to proceed with the repairs and for the client to pay the cost for the parts and labor.
  3. Repairs can take up to 7 days for an onsite part replacement if the parts are onsite, or up to 8 weeks for a hashboard repair (timeline subject to the third-party repair center).
  4. After the process is complete you will receive an invoice for the service.

What are your managed hosting fees?

Unlike many hosting companies, Geosyn does not charge ongoing monthly fees. After the initial investment, the electricity costs, pool fee and performance fee are deducted out of the mined Bitcoin. There are no ongoing payments that clients are responsible for to continue operating their miners.

The exception to this rule would be in the event that the electricity cost to operate the clients machines exceeds the revenue generated through the mined Bitcoin. In that event, the client has the option to shut down their machines on an interim basis, or pay the electricity charges directly.

What happens if my miner breaks down and is not repairable?

Geosyn makes every effort to communicate any repairs required to keep your machine operational.  If the machine is deemed as unrepairable by Geosyn, the machine can be shipped to your home or disposed of in an approved fashion.  Return shipping charges would apply.

Can the power price change?

Our power prices are locked in under long term contracts. However, those contracted rates could change from time to time. In the event of a rate change, you will be notified immediately and you can choose to continue operations, or have your ASIC(s) shipped to a location of your choosing.

What Insurance does my miner have?

Currently, our hardware comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and all machines are covered under an general umbrella policy.

"What if my miner gets stolen?"

In the case of theft, Geosyn would follow appropriate steps with law enforcement and would initiate a claim under its insurance policy.

How long is my hosting contract?

Our Geosyn Client Agreements do not have a specified term and can be canceled at any time. Clients can decide to sell their miners or have them shipped anywhere in the world at any time. We just need a signed terminating contract 30 days prior to the date. Shipping charges will apply.

What happens if my machines are down?

Our Client Agreement guarantees 98% runtime. That means if your miners fail or need to be repaired we loan you enough hashrate to cover the down time.

How can I pay for my miner and hosting?

There are two different payment methods accepted when paying for your miners. We accept:

Wire transfers, USDC, Bitcoin, Credit Cards and other financing.

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