Welcome to North Texas' Premiere Bitcoin Mining & Hosting Company.

Geosyn Mining, a subsidiary of Geosyntek Holdings, is Dallas/Fort Worth's premiere Bitcoin cloud mining and hosting service company. We offer Bitcoin miner hosting and currently have 2 operating Bitcoin facilitates here in DFW. Our team can help you own your own Bitcoin mining operation and we do all the heavy lifting. Come mine bitcoin with us.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Simply put, Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new Bitcoins by solving extremely complicated math problems that verify transactions in the currency. When a Bitcoin is successfully mined, the miner receives a predetermined amount of Bitcoin. When you start mining with us, you are getting your share of this reward.

Why Geosyn Mining?

Technology is constantly changing, and security issues and energy consumption to power a personal mine can be overwhelming and expensive.  Geosyn Mining helps simplify the process, so you can begin mining Bitcoin profitably using our data warehouse and Bitcoin cloud mining services.

Your Comprehensive Bitcoin Mining Solution

Our team will allow you to begin mining Bitcoin immediately.

Competitive Rates

We procure, install, and maintain your miners at competitive rates


Own your own miners and the coin you mine. There are no long term contracts, and Geosyn Mining will ship it back to you at any time.

Lowered Electricity Costs

Our commercial-scale electricity agreements provide our clients with cost-effective electricity

Reduced Usage

Reduced electricity rates allow you to mine Bitcoin profitably

We Manage all Data Center Operations

Fully maintained and securely serviced by our team.

24/7 Security

We provide 24/7 site monitoring and security for our location



We manage all power agreements, handle equipment procurement, and site build-out


No Maintenance

From hardware installation to troubleshooting and repairs, we provide a hassle-fee service that keeps your mine up and running.

Geosyn Client Services

Geosyn Mining Offers Miner Hosting, Bitcoin Mining and Wallet Security.


Miner Hosting


Bitcoin Mining


Wallet Security


Low Minimum Investment

  • Low minimum startup investment (requirement of at least 2 miners)
  • Add additional miners to your account at any time
  • Competitive Fee Structure

Miner Selection

  • Updated modelling allows you to select best available miners based on acquisition cost, hash rates and power consumption
  • Updated pricing charts let you know what’s available in real-time

Acquisition & Hosting

  • Our international supply chain management provides excellent value on miner acquisition
  • Our team handles procurement, installation, and operation of your miners

Competitive Fees

  • Low acquisition and set up fees
  • Wholesale electricity pricing maximizes our clients ROI
  • Competitive operating fees with uptime guarantees on your equipment

Ready to Start Mining?

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